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honor 10 price and review

The Honor 10 Lite has to be one of the slickest-looking phones the brand has released yet. It's skinny, shiny, and has a screen that's impressively bezel-free. Sure, there's a notch, but it ain't one of those iPhone-style wedges.

Around back, it looks like a single sheet of glass, all reflective and minimal, that blends into the frame. Only this isn't your typical metal and glass sandwich, because that would be too expensive. The 10 Lite is made from plastic.

You do at least get a responsive fingerprint sensor, and even a headphone jack - but it sits next to an old-school microUSB charging port. It's 2019, guys. Can we all just agree it's USB-C all the way from now on?

The 6.21in screen is impossible to miss, but is it any good? There are no complaints over the 2340x1080 resolution, which is exactly what we'd expect for this kind of dollar, and it gets plenty bright enough.

Whatever you think about trickle-down economics, trickle-down tech — in which high-end features make their way into lower-cost phones over time — is a real thing. The Honor 6X is a perfect example of that. Just two years ago, budget phones struggled to get the basics right and were so ugly you'd be embarrassed to pull one out in the wild. But now, the Honor 6X offers a premium-feeling design with a curvy metal back, dual rear cameras and a big, bright 5.5-inch full-HD screen, all for just $250. The highlights don't end there, because the 6X also comes with a built-in fingerprint reader and offers nearly 10 hours of battery life.

UPDATE: Thanks to a new update from Honor, the 6X can now be upgraded to Android 7 running on Huawei's EMUI 5.0. Improvements include a simplified UI, smoother system animations and improved security.

There's just something about the sense of density that makes a smartphone or any other device feel like a quality product. With a big, 5.5-inch screen sandwiched between a slab of glass in front and a curved, brushed-aluminum panel in back, the Honor 6X definitely has that feel.

Credit: Jeremy Lips / Tom's Guide A closer look reveals some plastic caps on the phone's top and bottom, which detract from the 6X's otherwise premium-feeling design, though they're not deal breakers. I also wish Huawei had balanced out the top and bottom bezels a little better. The chin looks slightly larger than the top.

I can't think of a more fitting first phone review for 2019 than Huawei's Honor View 20. Announced in the waning days of December 2018 for China first, the Honor View 20 is a visually mesmerizing Android Pie phone whose midtier price belies all the features Huawei's stuffed inside and out: a 48-megapixel camera on the back alongside a 3D stereo lens. A 6.4-inch display with razor-thin bezels. A 25-megapixel camera on the front, with a hole-punch opening instead of a notch. A visually showstopping finish. A 4,000-mAh battery and 125GB or 256GB of on-board storage. And a headphone jack!

I won't blame you for doing a double take because the Honor View 20 reads like a higher-end device on paper. For a £500, 569 euro and 2,999-yuan starting price, it has as much going on as many premium phones you can buy today at double the price. I can almost see it taunting Samsung 's upcoming Galaxy S10 : "I've got a ridiculously large 48-megapixel camera and 3D sensor, what about you ?"

The Chinese company is the world's second-largest phone brand, and one of the top sellers of telecommunications equipment. But some governments, including the US , Britain , Australia and New Zealand have banned the sale of Huawei networking products for fear of espionage. In the US, major retailer Best Buy stopped selling Huawei phones , although you can still buy some models on Amazon or through the Honor site .

Although Huawei tries to distance its Honor sub-brand, Honor phones are lumped into Huawei's 200 million unit sales numbers for 2018, and Honor personnel pass out Huawei business cards at press briefings. If it's hard to buy a Huawei phone where you live, it'll be hard to buy this Honor View 20, too. That said, if you're not someone in the business of keeping secrets -- a government employee, a journalist or a corporate executive -- there's probably little more to fear with this phone than with any other Android device.

After the jaw-dropping  Xiaomi Mi Mix  back in 2016, phone manufacturers quickly started launching ‘bezel-less’ phones. And many decided to cram in a larger screen rather than make a physically smaller phone.

They did this by making it taller with an 18:9 aspect ratio instead of 16:9. 18:9 is super fashionable, but until now with the 7X, was out of reach for those on a budget. Even the OnePlus 5T costs £449, which is the very top of mid-range.

Let’s start with the screen, as it’s the most obvious feature. On paper the specs - 5.93in, 18:9 aspect, 2160x1080 resolution – could fool you into thinking it’s the same display as the Mate 10 Pro. But it isn’t.

OLED screens are more expensive, so Honor has gone for an IPS panel in the 7X. It makes sense, and it’s still a great screen. Viewing angles are wide, it’s nice and bright and colours are surprisingly vibrant.

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